Rhea Chakraborty got arrested by Narcotics Control Bureau!!

Mumbai, September 6: three days of questioning Later, Sushant Singh was the bride of Rajput. Rhea Chakraborty was arrestedNarcotics Control Office (NCB).On the charge sheet filed against Rhea What about supplying drugs to the deceased actor?

The NCB has filed a complaint. Which one Jail for up to ten years if proven.
Maybe yours. But Rhea herself
I used to take drugs but not like this
Today there is no mention of NCB
Not in return request. at night after arrest rhea Chakraborty
Judicial custody of the day

NCB arrested last Friday
Rear brother Shauvik did it
Chakravarti. After that Rhea
NCB initiated the questioning. After
The interrogation lasted three days.
NCB claims, Shauvik today
I have to sit in front and interrogate
Rhea collapsed. Admit it,
Nana with Mariana for Sushant
I used to buy those drugs.

The 27-year-old actress
14 days without custody
Request for judicial custody

At the Office of Narcotics Control.

In the words of Ashek Jain of the organization, Rhea
We have evidence against us.
We arrest her on that basis
I did. And keep it in custody
We don’t need to accept it.
Butt after medical exam

It is said that no drug was found in the body.
Said the researcher. Rearcovid tests have also been performed. Report
Negative. Medical exam
Then through physical checkup.
The actress was greased at court.
Maneshinde said, 14 days
Judicial custody Riya. On the NCB return request Done,

In questioning
Rhea admits
Shauvik, Samuel and Sushant
With assistant Deepesh Sabant
I used to collect drugs for Sushant
Him. Money in this sense
He also said that he used to do the transactions himself.
Rhea said. Researchers
The claim, Rhea said, is from March
He was very disciplined until the beginning of June.

Mate for 185 grams of marijuana
High. NCB claims,
It is clear from this, in the drug union There were 2 rear peaks. Although many Asking questions, with the purchase of medicines Don’t stay in the drug union. How did the OCN find the relationship?

The agency’s investigation began 11 days later.
Rhea was arrested. Take so many scenes The rescue team was not called for him. There was an argument against Sushakh The BJP has also complained.

I see this position from BJP
The opposition camp is raising the question Justice
Time to quit and move on
Is it necessary to arrest Rhea?
It fell. That’s why i’m the first
CBI, then Indy, finally Pune
NCB has been sent.
Context is at the top of the NCB

Congress, NCP and Shiv Sena do it
Leaders think, only in Bihar
Vet Fahna is not that. In the same rice
RE to corner the Uddhav government too The BJP wants. PNC Leader Majid AungMomen said: With so many kings
The center is competing. One
A Kenyan agency is investigating.
First the CBI registered the case of Sushant’s death Your research prol. After that, Indy Sushant’s money is in the indictment Heated. In the end I get nothing.

NCB Standard Case.

Bihar BJP Spokesperson Nikhil Buz
Ander fights back, mother against the rear It will come out. Sushant singh rajput Unravel the mystery of death 3
Maya will take her family.

As in the anti-BJP industry,
Leecher even ends up with teeth
I bless Rhea. Convicts
Trying to drop Memon’s argument,
After the arrest by the rear, Bahar
If people think, Sushant justice
That is before. And,
Sushant with Ray’s tour
Death cannot be drawn. Still
The NCR did not complain that
Rhea has administered so many drugs in good faith.

As a result, the leader died.
Prague opposition camp, Nia and
Sushant Mohan was there then
What was the NCI doing? Memon
Arguably many in Bollywood are regulars Keep in mind. No NC
It is not unknown to officials.

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