The Decision Of PUBG!!

At this time, the “Chinese” insignia of the body Remove the government
Enthusiastic about lifting sanctions
It has been South Korean players

(Pubg) Corporation. Across the country
The anti-China wind is blowing
More in the second phase
Recently with 116 apps
In India It was the highest income in the world Pubg mobile game.
But the huge market of India
To go back there with the word in mind
Moria Pubg Corp. Its Chinese
Tencent Games Investor
With Pubg Mobile Games-
It’s all kinds of business
Announcing the breakup of the relationship.


Powzi authorities did. From the formula News, to go back to India this time Your bet can be Indian
No gaming company. Where
Post in India based on previous opinion

Copyright of Pubg Corporation
The load of the distribution, even if it is in hand That will be in place of Tencent In the hands of Indian companies. Although

According to market experts

Great company according to Pubg Ability to deal with that. There are not many companies in India.

According to Paytm First Games
The big company is already Pubzir
Opposing company Garena Fifier-Contracted with. Speculation,
Rhode Island.

You can take Pubg’s hand
Bong Trust Jio. Although in this sense
Law. Worried, he did not agree to open his mouth.

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