Morgan is also ready to be the new finisher of the “kolkata Knight Riders”

In limited overs cricket right now
One of England’s most devastating hitters Captain Ain Morgan. Knight of Calcutta One of the strengths of the Raiders hitting. Hitting Morgan in the next IPL Where will KKR play in the order It is not yet clear. The Knights’ New Mentor David smiled and hinting. needy Andre Russell will be raised
Power In that case, the value is probably five.The captain of England made that course To get somewhere.

Injured fingers today
The first against Australia
Morgan will be out on the field that day.
Manchester on the Thursday before him From Anandabazar, including many in the world Press on video with media England captain at the conference Clearly imminent
Also in the role of finisher in IPL
It is ready to play.

Number four on England shirt
Game Morgan at number five on KKR
Can go down. What question
Morgan reminds me, When I started playing international cricket
I did, but then at number five
He used to hit. My stats You can see Ghantale, number five I’ve hit more times. Then it’s mine It is not a new experience.

Going down to number five means it’s yours It is your responsibility to finish the match. There will be. With the role of auctioneer What are you thinking? Morgan’s answer, Starting at number five in international cricket
Based on the performance after making
Naturally, I went up four.
I’m also quite successful at number four. However The KKR team is great. me I know, if I get a chance, maybe
You have to hit number five. Equipment
I’ll hit where I want.
Adapt to any role
I’m ready for

One day against Australia
Join KKR after the series
Abu Dhabi will fly to give. There
It should be organic for about two more months. Seat belt. In Covid-19 situation
Morgan’s observations on the game of cricket, We are here in Southampton
Biosecurity in Manchester
Stay. But stay in Abu Dhabi
The challenge will be a little easier. What is that? Than? Morgan explained: southampton and the hotel is on the edge of the field in Manchester.
I was. But the system in Abu Dhabi is different.
He thinks, IPL is protection
The ring experience is very accessible
It will be. One of the KKR.
Varsa Morgan explained: Gentlemen
The beach is near the hotel. Swimming
There is a swimming pool. Cricketers above him
If you want, take your family with you
Power This is a big difference
Will do. That seems to be the reason
The IPL seat belt is positive
There is a lot of direction.

The wound on his finger was completely healed.
Gone, Knight fans on that too
Morgan assured.

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