Should I eat food heated in the microwave? Find out what the experts say.

In most families, both husband and wife work now. There may be a cook to cook at home. But it won’t always keep food warm in front of your face. So trust the microwave. Whether middle class or upper class, now everyone should have a microwave in their home. But you’re eating microwave-heated food at the wrong time. But have you ever wondered if that food is safe? Find out what the experts say.

Many people use plastic containers to heat or cook food in the microwave. Experts claim that if the microwave test is not a plastic container, it is extremely harmful to heat or cook food in it. This can cause hormonal imbalances or digestive problems in our body. Problems like asthma and infertility can also occur if you eat food heated in a plastic container in the microwave for a long time. Therefore, experts think that glass is safer than using plastic containers in the microwave.

Care must be taken to ensure that the entire portion of food is heated in the microwave. Otherwise, it can bring danger to our body. So it is better to wait a while after heating the food. But in today’s busy life, there is no speed without microwaves. According to experts, use the microwave. However, don’t risk your life without using the proper microwaveable utensils.

Experts say that most housewives have a habit of washing vegetables after cutting them. As a result, the nutritional value is reduced. Again, heating or cooking food in the microwave reduces its nutritional value. This is because electromagnetic radiation is emitted during heating of food in the microwave. Which reduces the nutritional value. Vitamin B12 is lost at the temperature at which food is heated in the microwave. However, since food is rarely heated or microwaved, it is believed that some of the vitamins remain. Therefore, according to experts, if you want to maintain the nutritional value of foods, it is not advisable to cook them in the microwave, whether they are too fried or too hot.

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